We are raising money for the charity 'A Child Unheard', one which we have a very close affinity to. 100% OF ALL FUNDS DONATED WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY AND NOT TO THE FUNDING OF THE CHALLENGE.


Thank you in advance for your generosity, it goes an awfully long way! 


A Child Unheard was founded on the premise that the early years of ones life are the most important for our mental and physical development. It aims to foster this ‘by providing them with a safe, caring environment in which they can positively develop’. This small charity through its first education centre in Mityana, Uganda has already helped to improve the lives of some of Africa’s most physically and psychologically vulnerable children. We aim to help continue their inspiring work at a critical stage in the charities development. 

A Child Unheard Documentary

First and foremost we aim to raise funds for the establishment of their second learning centre in Ayenyah, Ghana and further sites planned in other West African countries like Cote d’Ivoire. In September 2015, (following an initial visit during the Summer of 2013) we travelled with friends to visit the site of this planned project at an orphanage in rural Ghana. The project aims to help distressed and completely uneducated children by offering education, counselling, guidance and exposure to artistic, sporting and cultural pursuits to ease their psychological and physical trauma, whilst also broadening their horizons. We were convinced of both the projects validity, worthiness and the potential that a direct and undiluted financial contribution would have on these orphans. Such help is all the more necessary at present due to the destruction of many of the orphans foster homes by a recent bush fire which we witnessed in September 2015.

Having spent September 2015 in Ayenyah, Ghana aiding the orphanage community, primarily by helping to extend and equip their small medical clinic, we got to know the orphans personally and now feel it all the more vital to support them (many of whom are very intelligent and talented but have fewer opportunities to succeed). 


The money you donate will go towards paying for teaching, providing the children with meals, learning materials, basic sporting and technological equipment like desktop computers and IT lessons. Critically, this will be provided in an environment which is safe and secure; something that many of the children lack. Recently, A Child Unheard funded a water tank at the centre. The centre is now selling the water back to the community which is leading the centre towards self-sufficiency. This project attracted attention from Water Aid which is following the precedent set by A Child Unheard. The charity is composed of a very small team in the UK, none of whom take a salary. Every penny of the money donated will go straight to the charity and its ground roots work in Africa. We hope that the 10,000 kilometers we will each pedal, may it be in sub zero temperatures or above 4000 metres, you will help to support and change these children's lives.

If you have any questions please send us an email, email ACU’s founder David Russell or visit the website of A Child Unheard.