Publicising the charity we are supporting - A Child Unheard - is very important to us. It is thanks to our close friend and the websites creator, Hugo Besley, that this can now be done more effectively. We are very grateful for his endless efforts in getting this website set up, of which his only charge was detailed emails to us in order to achieve the digital platform we desired. A heartfelt thank you from Will and I. We certainly owe him a drink. 

With the signing of the Iranian Nuclear Deal we are confident for the future success of the trip and that Iran may become an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is becoming apparent how quickly this region of the world may change with multi million dollar deals already being signed between Iranian companies and corporate giants like Airbus and Citroen-Peugeot. We could be just in time to see the authentic Iran as this economic growth may precede greater cultural shifts. It is interesting how perceptions of the country are already starting to alter. The content of this article ( which is gaining traction on social media and finding readership on BBC is such a testament. It portrays Islamic clerics partaking in everyday activities like drinking tea, standing next to a Christmas tree and playing basketball with local schoolgirls. I do wonder if this article would have been published before the signing of the nuclear agreement and the improving of relations with 'the West'.

On a globally less remarkable note but personally exciting one, our bikes are currently en route. Will went for the Surly Disc Trucker ( and I went for the Condor Heritage ( Both are great choices. We have been able to choose our ideal specifications for our bikes. In my case this was Schwalbe Marathon 28mm and 35mm tyres (for the varying terrain), Deore XT bolt disc hubs and TRP Spyre 160mm brakes among other preferences. Both Will and I went for the Brooks B-17 leather saddle. It has the seemingly paradoxical position of being the most and least comfortable saddle; the least before you break it in and the most comfortable afterwards, apparently moulding effortlessly to your gluteal curvature. I will be sure to write again when we acquire the rest of our equipment and we finally get a camera to photograph our training efforts among the other aspects of the upcoming trip.